2 Storey Homes Under $500,000

2 storey living offers great design and lifestyle benefits and our range of affordable double storey designs includes quality materials, fixtures and fittings to extend the life of your home which increases resale value for the future.

Danmar Homes proudly presents a select number of promotional 2 storey homes for less than $500,000.

Each of these great home design caters for modern blocks of land and can be customised further to enhance your lifestyle.

Take a look at these designs priced for affordable, comfortable living.

The Irwan – Only $426,415

This 10m wide narrow lot home design is stunning value. The Irwan features all the inclusions a family wants in a practical and spacious floor plan.

Featuring three large bedrooms with built in robes, three separate living zones (one of which could be converted into a 4th bedroom if needed), two bathrooms as well as a separate guest toilet and a huge 5.0m x 4.0m Theatre room for entertainment.

At Danmar Homes, we’re also flexible with our designs and can modify the floor plans to suit your family needs and even present different elevation styles to suit your tastes.

The Argyle – Only $437,405

This 12.0m wide Argyle home design is stunning value with all the design features a family could want.

Featuring three large bedrooms, three separate living zones, two bathrooms and plenty of entertaining space you’ll fall in love the day you move in.

Plus there’s design options aplenty. Choose the elevation style you love the most and ask us about the available design modifications you can choose from to truly make this wonderful home your own.

The Donnelly – Only $440,965

The Donnelly is designed to suit any 12.0m wide block and is outstanding value for money for a 2 storey family home.

Featuring three large bedrooms, three separate living zones, two bathrooms and plenty of entertaining space you’ll fall in love the day you move in.

Ask our team about design modifications so you can tailor this home to suit your own style and lifestyle.

The Frankland – Only $445,160

A double storey home with 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms? Yes it’s true – The Frankland is outstanding value for money and designed to suit any 12m or wider block.

Featuring four bedrooms, three bathrooms plus an upstairs parents retreat and spacious open plan living, this is a home design you’ll love living in.

Ask our team about design modifications so you can tailor this home to suit your own style and lifestyle.

Every one of these home designs includes these amazing features:

  • Elevation style included in price!
  • Colorbond roof included!
  • Double clay brick top and bottom!
  • Concrete suspended slab!
  • Silica Free benchtops to kitchen included!
  • 30c High ceilings to ground floor included!
  • Frameless screens included!


  • Free site assessment
  • Free initial sketch
  • Free comprehensive pricing

Why choose a 2 storey home over a single storey?

Two-storey homes offer a number of benefits over single-storey homes, including:

  • More living space on a smaller block of land. If you have a smaller block of land, building a two-storey home is a great way to maximize your space. You can have a large backyard and a spacious home without having to sacrifice one for the other. Even with a smaller sized block, a two storey is a good option if you would like to reduce the yard size so there is less garden and landscaping maintenance. In many areas there is often easy access to parks, walkways and recreational areas so minimising maintenance can enhance your enjoyment in your new home.
  • Separation of living and sleeping areas. Two-storey homes typically have the living areas on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the second floor. This can be a great way to create separate spaces for relaxing and entertaining. It can also be helpful for families with young children, as it allows parents to have their own space while still being close to their children. We often refer to these as living ‘zones’. Using smart home design techniques, we’re able to create zones that enhance the way you want to live, so you enjoy more time at home.
  • More privacy. Two-storey homes can offer more privacy than single-storey homes, especially if the bedrooms are on the second floor. This can be a great benefit for families with teenagers or for people who work from home. Or you can split the bedrooms with the master on the ground floor and kids upstairs, or vice-versa. This creates even more privacy and allows the master bedroom to act as a private retreat, often with its very own sitting area.
  • Better views. If you have a nice view, a two-storey home is a great way to take advantage of it. You can have elevated views from the second floor, which can make your home feel more open and airy. When this is the case, you may decide to move the entire living area upstairs. This is often referred to as ‘reverse living’ and means more access to views throughout your day. Adding a balcony and using wind-break walls can also reduce the effect of sea breezes, allowing you to enjoy your balcony more often, even during windy days.
  • More design flexibility. Two-storey homes offer more design flexibility than single-storey homes. Unique architectural features, such as high ceilings in void areas or over-sized picture windows that extend 2 stories high can create a totally different ambience to a home. Plus, there are also clever storage options and opportunities such as storage space below the staircase. Some families even design pet spaces under the staircase for their pets to climb in and sleep.
  • Physical Health: Though it might seem minor, the daily act of ascending and descending stairs can offer a form of exercise, promoting better cardiovascular health and leg strength. This can be particularly beneficial for those who may not engage in regular exercise routines. However if you have concerns with daily use of a staircase, personal lifts can be incorporated into a 2 storey home making the transition between floors effortless. So you still enjoy all the benefits that come with a 2 storey home while taking into consideration your health needs.

If you are looking for a home that offers more space, privacy, and design flexibility, a two-storey home is a great option to consider.

Speak to us today about your new home.