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Building on a narrow block or a difficult shape small lot? We can help. As experts with narrow homes, Danmar can design & build your ideal home.

At Danmar Homes, we have created a range of narrow block homes to suit 10m wide blocks and smaller. You can find a number of great value home designs in our White Label Collection or we can create an individual custom designed narrow home to suit your block and building budget.

As Perth grows, more and more suburbs are re-zoning and allowing higher density living than ever before. This has resulted in the need for more narrow lot homes than we’ve ever seen and is a trend that is likely to continue well into the future.

Sizes of Narrow Lot Home Designs

The most common narrow block size is 10.0m wide and often occurs when a land owner subdivides their 20.0m wide block in half giving both homes a street front. Many 18.0m wide blocks are also divided into 9.0m wide blocks but as we’re seeing rezoning in many established areas, blocks as narrow as 5.0m are becoming common as is terrace style housing across many of Perth’s best known suburbs.

If our block is 10.0m wide or narrower, you’ll need to find a suitable narrow block plan or have your own plan custom designed to suit.

Designing for Narrow Blocks

One of the biggest concerns when designing and building on a narrow block is maximising space and keeping the flow of the home as open as possible whilst also allowing enough light to penetrate the main living areas.

This can be a challenge as neighbouring homes can overshadow living areas. This is why we encourage all of our clients to explore their design options with our team of professionals who have decades of experience with narrow homes.

Some features we regularly see in narrow home designs are;

  • Higher ceilings – giving more volume and space to the design
  • Skylights – allowing natural light into more of the home
  • Open plan living – again giving more space inside the house
  • Clever space-saving options – like a study nook in a passageway
  • Dedicated upper floor design – For either the home owners or the kids. Choose one to create separation
  • Central courtyards – Giving light to multiple living zones

Price to Build on Narrow lots

Planning your home so that it can be built within your building budget is essential to a low-stress building journey and building on narrow lots and small blocks takes a little more planning than usual.

As narrow designs are typically much longer in design, the perimeter of your cavity walls will be longer – which is why a narrow home is often slightly more expensive than a more traditional square shaped design.

Also some features you may like in a narrow design are often not included in standard shape homes.

At Danmar, we’ve done all the work for you to ensure our standard narrow lot homes included in our White Label Collection are optimally priced so you get the best of both worlds.

An affordable quality of home where you can add options and extras should you choose.

Building and Construction of Narrow Homes

The reduction of access and space is of most concern when building homes on a narrow block, especially when the neighbouring homes are already completed.

To ensure smooth construction, our site specialists will liaise with your neighbours to minimise disruption during the build and we also focus on building efficiently.

This saves you time during construction and ensures you’ll be ready to move into your home in a timely manner.

How To Get Started

If you’d like to explore your options with Danmar you can contact us here or view our standard narrow lot home designs and floor plans for inspiration.

We also custom design most of our narrow homes for our clients and best of all we’ll do it free of charge.

Our team is dedicated to your building success so please contact us when you’re ready and we’ll be happy to help.

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