Our White Label Collection.

Affordable narrow lot two storey homes.

Introducing the White Label Collection – Affordable double storey homes from Danmar Homes.

Danmar Homes has been building affordable homes since 1993, making us one of the most experienced Perth home builders in the industry. We use our expertise to guide all of our clients when they build their new home to get the best result possible.

We created The White Label Collection to showcase what is possible in the affordable 2 storey market, maximising use of space on narrow and small blocks without sacrificing quality.

When we say quality – we mean QUALITY. You won’t find any lightweight construction that sounds hollow, where you can hear people talking through paper-thin walls, walking around on the floor above you, hearing the rush of water every time someone flushes a toilet AND that doesn’t hold its re-sale value… We only build with double brick and concrete flooring. That’s what the Perth market wants and that’s what we build – often for the same or LESS than our lightweight competitors.

Get your copy of The White Label Collection today!

Download our White Label Collection here.

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