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Multi-generational living is now even easier thanks to our dual occupancy home design and build service

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“Times, they are a changin'” – In today’s world more and more people are deciding that their home is multi-generational. This eases the financial pressure on couples and young families and can also offer an abundance of support both financially and emotionally during times of high stress or high care. No matter what your reasons, at Danmar Homes, we understand that creating a home that caters for the way multi-generations want to live is not only practical, but is also a sound investment. With new rules in place, even non-subdivisible lots can have dual occupancy home potential. Your home could now be a nest egg of additional wealth and cash flow. These days, you don’t necessarily have to buy a development site to become a first-time property developer. Although relatively new to the Perth market, Dual Occupancy homes are now recognised as a legitimate category of housing design by the Master Builders Association in the Eastern States. Danmar Homes is recognised as one of Perth’s first dual occupancy builders and can help you design and plan your new home so it perfectly fits your dual occupancy lifestyle.

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Our Dedicated Dual Occupancy Home Team

We understand the importance and effectiveness of a dedicated team solely focused with-in this growing and unrealised area. Our team understand the pitfalls that most builders would often not be aware of with these specialised duplex developments. Our design and construction techniques have vastly improved by utilising unique building products not typically installed into our regular homes. Our Team is also conscious of the new and various Council regulations and extra know-how to achieve exceptional results. Skilled in proper multi-dwelling design, our proven field research and valuable investor feedback ensures your plans attain the best result. If you are considering a Dual Occupancy property to start your development career or want to create a loving Granny flat for your Mum, we guarantee you will gain from our knowledge and expertise.

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